Friends of TCZ

Supporting the work of the Theological College of Zimbabwe


Student Aid

#19-01 - Student Bursaries                                           25 x $200 per semester

  1. The “Student Bursaries Financial Aid Fund” assists in covering tuition charges for those students who are enrolled and sponsored at TCZ by their church but need assistance in paying their tuition fees.  Bursaries are granted on the basis of financial need.

Educational Resources

#19-02 - Laptop Computers                                     2 x $500

  1. Two faculty and staff members are using laptops that are obsolete and need to be replaced.

#19-03 - Whiteboards                                               6 x $80

  1. Chalkboards in the six classrooms need to be replaced by “white boards.”

#19-04 - Video Projectors                                       4 x $1,000

  1. Three of the classrooms are equipped with video projectors that were installed in 2003.  Now, 17 years later, bulb and maintenance costs nearly equal the price of new projectors.  Additionally, one more projector is needed in a fourth classroom.

#19-10 - Video Camera                                        $350

  1. TCZ sponsors various conferences, seminars and guest lecturers on campus. These events need to be recorded for later use in classes and seminars.  In addition, with the likely addition of some online classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, lecturers will be taping some of their lectures for students to view from their homes.

Library Resources

#19-07 - Library Books and Periodicals               10 units x $200

  1. Library resources (both print and digital) are at the core of theological education. For 2019, TCZ is seeking a minimum of $2,000 to purchase print and online books and subscribe to other online resources.

Facilities Developments

#19-08 - Electricity Meters                  (18 have been sponsored)    7 x $200

  1. Several years ago, a team of Messiah College students built and installed several electric meters on the student accommodation units on a trial basis.  Each meter controls the amount of electricity that can be used in a 24-hour period.  In 2019, another Messiah College team installed new meters on all of the student accommodation units.  As of May 2020, 18 meters have been sponsored, leaving 7 meters yet to be paid for.

#19-09 - Solar Hot Water Heaters                           13 x $500

  1. Solar hot water heaters have been installed on several accommodation units, but
    13 more are needed on the remaining units.  The solar hot water heaters are readily available locally for $500 each, including installation.

#19-11 - Campus Repairs and Refurbishment               50 x $100

  1. The college has been on the current site since 2002. Over the years, needed repairs have been made as funds have been available.  In recent years, due to the economic decline in Zimbabwe, many maintenance projects have been deferred.


Current Special Project List

Nov. 2020 U.S. Edition

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