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Supporting the work of the Theological College of Zimbabwe


In the United States . . .

Contact Glen Pierce (chair of Friends of TCZ) for

  1. -more information about the College or Friends of TCZ

  2. -information about ways of contributing to the work of the College

  3. -your request to receive the TouchPoint newsletter by email

  4. -information you can use to promote the work of TCZ in your home congregation or among your friends

  5. Glen Pierce

  6. Email:

Because of health reasons, Meredyth Wollmann resigned as Friends of TCZ treasurer effective Dec. 31, 2019.  Until a new treasurer is named, contact the chair for

  1. -information about ways of contributing to the work of the College

  2. -reporting the project number and name (e.g., #19-03 Whiteboards) when you are using PayPal to sponsor a special project.

  3. -bank details if desiring to make a direct deposit into the Friends of TCZ bank account

  4. Interim Treasurer

  5. Email:

In the United Kingdom . . . you may contact
Dr. Alan Beavis, the coordinator of  Friends of TCZ/UK, at this email address:

The Theological College of Zimbabwe (TCZ) is an interdenominational, evangelical college in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, developing Christian leaders for effective leadership and ministry in both the Church and society.

Two students in the TCZ library reading room.

Contact details for the Theological College of Zimbabwe

  1. Rev. Dr. Ray Motsi, President:


  3. Rev. Dr. Robert Heaton, Registrar:


For information on how to send contributions directly to TCZ in Bulawayo, contact Dr. Rob Goodwin: